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Ceremony-Ready Award Kit
District Executive Tools & Resources

Introduce the Award Kit to Pack & Den Leaders

Step 1: Send Leaders & Awards Chairs this introductory email 

Step 2: Print out and distribute copies of this Leader Instructions file to Leaders and Award Chairs at Roundtables, Pack visits, etc. 

Step 3: Email Leaders & Award Chairs the Badge Magic instructional video link and QR code for quick and easy Kit use. 

Step 4: Send Leaders & Award Chairs the Badge Magic provided email reminder before their next Awards Ceremony.   

Step 5: Tools for Leaders can be found on the Cub Leaders webpage here.

Teach Cub Leaders How to Introduce the Award Kit to Parents

Step 1: Introducing the Kit to Parents

  • Have Leaders send the Badge Magic provided introductory email to parents 
  • On the Pack website, Leaders can post one of the Badge Magic provided Ceremony-Ready Award Kit Introduction web-inserts found here. Leaders can select from a variety to web-inserts formats to meet their specific website needs.

Step 2:  Demonstrating the Kit

  • At a Roundtable or Pack meeting, show the video to demonstrate how to use the Award Kit.
  • At the same meeting, printout and distribute the instructions for parents.
  • Ask parents to visit to watch the 2-minute video demonstrating the Kit in action.
  • Remind parents that using the Kit will eliminate lost badges and last-minute sewing.
  • If Parents prefer to sew, please offer them the option to do so.

Step 3:  Preparing for the Ceremony

  • Before the Awards Ceremony, send the Badge Magic provided email reminder  to all families. 
  • Super-charge recruiting by encouraging parents to share their photos of their proud Cub moment on social media and spread the fun of Scouting.

Find all the tools, resources and steps for Pack and Den leaders to introduce the Award Kit to parents here.





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