Danielle E. - Pack 207—White Oak, Texas

I have Cub Scouts and I know the boys would love to have their latest badge applied during the ceremony.
If they could be applied at the ceremony for pictures, that would be great.

Lorraine B. - Bedford, OH
We used these for our Investiture Ceremony. The parents were so impressed and the girls looked wonderful instantly in their fully equipped vests. I love this and look forward to using it more and more!

Dan M. - Unknown
Love it, love it, love it! Great stuff. Solid, sturdy, and just oh so wonderful. And, the lovely people at Badge Magic helped me solve my uniform problems!!!

Chris S. - Unknown
Hi Badge Magic people! I found your adhesive works for lots of stuff besides just patches! I used it for holding some sculpture pieces in place for earthquake resistance. I even glued a piece of carpet back down using some of it.
Keep up the great work!

Lynn W. - Bellevue, WA
Easy, clean, quick

Jennifer - MI
I dreaded moving all my when he needed a bigger uniform, but I ordered the cut-to-fit kit and am able to move them all easily. What a dream! I'm recommending it to all of the other moms.

Keith K. - Unknown
I recently was awarded my Woodbadge Beads and patch. I used Badge Magic to affix my new World Crest patch with Woodbadge beads, and patrol emblem on my uniform. I also used quite a bit putting patches on my brag patch jacket. I still have quite a few to go but Badge Magic made it so simple, I did about 20 patches in a couple of hours while watching T.V.

John G. - Unknown
What a mess! I mean my sewing job. I spent over 30 minutes. First, trying to thread the needle, then pinning the patch on my sleeve and sewing it without a thimble, finally, the finished product-secured, but off center by a quarter on an inch. The agony!
A neighbor gave me your website and my life in uniform has changed.
I undid my shoulder patch, applied the adhesive by following the video - even used the spoon - and within 15 minutes (10 of those minutes in the dryer as instructed) - I was the proud owner of a professional looking patch job!
My Cub Scout was proud of old Dad and wants to start collecting more badges and patches to do on his own. Heck, so do I and without the need of a needle and thimble!
Thanks mucho-

Sue G. - Unknown
Getting ready for 2005 Jamboree can be stressful, however, the discovery of this item all but eliminated the stress of SEWING those darn patches!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura G. – Unknown
I really loved your Boy Scout Kit! When I think of all the sewing I did in 14 years of my daughters Girl Scout uniforms, and my own, it makes me want to cry. I am so glad this product is out now for my son's uniforms! I can't wait to try this on flags, quilting and scrap-booking! Thanks.

Mike Mangialardi
Back when I was a Cub Scout, I remember all the work and hassle my mother put into sewing my badges...I'm sure many other parents can relate. It is fascinating to see that Badge Magic has now come up with a simple solution to this previously grieved task. By making badges easily to put on without ironing or sewing, this product is a MUST for any Scouting parent!

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