How to Hem Pants with Badge Magic Instant Hemming Strips

Hemming pants with Badge Magic hemming strips is a quick and easy solution, no sewing required. This process is also reversible if you ever need to remove and re-hem the pants again!

What You Need:
-A Few Safety Pins
-Measuring Tape
-Instant Hemming Strips
-Optional: Pencil or Marker


Step 1: Measure the amount you want to hem. Sometimes it’s easier to measure with the pants on, if you measure with the pants off be sure to use a measuring tape to ensure an even hem.

Step 2: Fold hem inward so that the fold is on the inside of the pants, and secure with safety pins.

Step 2: Fold in and secure with safety pins

Step 3: Turn pants inside out.

Step 4: Re-measure hem if needed and move safety pins to the bottom or edge of the fold. This will be the new bottom of your pants once the hemming is completed.

Step 5: Measure and cut two 3/4th inch squares out of the side seams of the first leg. This will leave you with two flaps, one on each side of the pant leg.

Step 6: Cut hemming tape to fit the flap.

Step 7: Fold flap back.

 Step 8: Remove one side of the paper backing and apply to the folded back flap.

Step 9: Remove the other paper backing, then fold flap back in place and press down firmly.

Badge Magic is pressure sensitive, so using something hard like the back of your scissors can help

Step 10: Repeat steps 6-9 to hem the other side of the same pant leg.

Step 11: To begin with the second pant leg, repeat step 5 cutting two more 3/4th inch squares out of the side seams of the leg.

Step 12: Then repeat steps 6-8 twice, to hem both sides of the second pant leg.


Step 13: Remove safety pins and turn pants back right side out.

And you’re done! Do not dry clean as this will dissolve the adhesive.




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