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"I use badge magic to help make award streamers for pack flags. Cut the ribbon straight on the end and used Badge Magic to hold the ends folded over to make the triangular tip (and to hold the lanyard clip in place). Worked out great!"
-Scott W.

General Questions
Ordering Questions
Application Questions
Removal Questions
   What if I put a badge in the wrong place or want to move it to another spot?
   How can I remove some badges without affecting the other badges?
   How can I remove excess Badge Magic adhesive that sticks out from the badge edges?
   If my badges are too close together, will I loosen them both when I try to remove one?
   How can I remove all of the badges at one time?
   Why did my badges not come off when I had my garment dry cleaned?
   Can the Badge Magic adhesive residue wash off with water and detergent?
   How can I remove the adhesive residue left on the fabric?
   How can I remove the Badge Magic adhesive from my iron?
   Can I use other household solvents to remove items applied with Badge Magic Adhesive?
   Can I use badges after they have been removed with household solvents like Goo Gone®?
   Where can I buy the household solvents called Goo Gone® and Goof Off®?
Custom Design Questions
Boy Scout Questions
Hemming Strips
Instant Name Labels

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