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"I used Badge Magic to attach my patch to an inflatable life vest. Sewing would have punctured the air bladder."
-Richard C

General Questions
Ordering Questions
Application Questions
Removal Questions
   What if I put a badge in the wrong place or want to move it to another spot?
   How can I remove some badges without affecting the other badges?
   How can I remove excess Badge Magic adhesive that sticks out from the badge edges?
   If my badges are too close together, will I loosen them both when I try to remove one?
   How can I remove all of the badges at one time?
   Why did my badges not come off when I had my garment dry cleaned?
   Can the Badge Magic adhesive residue wash off with water and detergent?
   How can I remove the adhesive residue left on the fabric?
   How can I remove the Badge Magic adhesive from my iron?
   Can I use other household solvents to remove items applied with Badge Magic Adhesive?
   Can I use badges after they have been removed with household solvents like Goo Gone®?
   Where can I buy the household solvents called Goo Gone® and Goof Off®?
Custom Design Questions
Boy Scout Questions
Hemming Strips
Instant Name Labels

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